the-hot-links-logoFollowing several high-profile activations by our clients around the Super Bowl, we’re looking ahead to the start of fashion week in New York and the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

This edition of the Hot Links includes an analysis of social media at Super Bowl XLVIII, a look ahead to the upcoming Winter Games, plus a student proposal to help out Homeland Security.

Here’s what’s on our list this week:

There was no “Oreo” moment at this year’s Super Bowl, but it didn’t keep brands from trying.

Several companies tied their Super Bowl efforts to cause marketing.

The TSA has one of the hardest and least-appreciated jobs.  A group of students have proposed how they can elevate their brand.

The Olympics have definitely had some image issues over the years, but will Sochi take the gold for the worst PR?

PR News’s Kami Huyse delivers a primer on reputation management.

On the heels of some quite questionable statements and actions, Dennis Rodman turns to a PR firm to help him restore his standing.

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